When adding an item to a filtered few, prefill to match filter


I have a table with “projects” which are linked into a second table with todos, when filtered, and I add a new item, the linked column value would be the value that matches what would allow the new row to be seen in the filtered view.


This already happens in a grouped view.


I think it makes sense


Would love for this to happen. My whole team constantly creates double records due to this issue. It is so nice when we are able to use a grouped view solely instead of a filter so that records don’t disappear constantly, but this isn’t always feasible.


I also create a lot of duplicates to create a record, and then edit it :sweat_smile:


So, it looks like the reason this happens is because, instead of acting as a single select list, linking to a record from another table is simply matching the string, and filtering it acts as a string, instead of filtering to a single value.

When I filter on a single select that is not defined in another table, this behaves as expected.