Will Airtable get some automation features?


Here is a question: are there any plans to add some automation to Airtable? - like “if this box gets checked - the content of this row will get copied into the another table of the same base? I am trying to think of a solution for our scenario of jobs we are bidding on vs. actual jobs with money coming in. If we record the bids in one table, once we get the actual job, I’d like to move these entries over to another table that records actual jobs with money comping in.

I guess I could record both, bids and actual jobs, in one table and have 2 views for each scenario…

But nevertheless, some simple automation could be really helpful.
Thanks in advance.

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You can achieve this with Zapier + Airtable (using views). You could have an Airtable view showing only the records that are “Jobs”, not “Bids”, and set up the Zapier trigger to only fire on records appearing in that view. @Alexander_Sorokin