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Airtable Automations have been immensely popular since their initial release- and for good reason too! Automations allow users the flexibility to build out custom low-code solutions to automate their workflows. We are powering up automations by introducing new integrations, as well as expanding on our existing triggers and actions.

Hootsuite action (beta)

With our new “Schedule Post” Hootsuite action out in beta: marketers can automatically schedule new social campaigns, with no copy-pasting, as soon as those campaigns meet their standards.

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Jira “Update Issue” action

Users can now not only create, but update, Jira issues automatically from an Airtable base. This new update Jira action will ensure peace of mind knowing all the Jira issues in your workflow are always up to date.

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Salesforce actions (beta)

With Salesforce automation actions in beta you can seamlessly create or update Salesforce records directly from an Airtable base. Marketers can use these new automations actions to automatically hand over contact or opportunity information to their Sales Reps in Salesforce without effort.

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Outlook “Create event” action

Expanding on our existing Outlook automation actions: users can use our newest Outlook action to automatically create new events in their Outlook Calendars using information from their Airtable base.

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New Google Calendar Triggers and Actions

Prepare to give your Google Calendar automations a leg up, with the introduction of two new triggers and one new action. You can now trigger an Airtable automation when a Google Calendar event is not only created, but changed, or cancelled. Our newest action will allow users to not only create new events in Google Calendar, but update existing events as well.

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Suggested automations

We are excited to announce that creating automations on the fly just got easier with the release of our curated list of pre-built, suggested automations! Clicking on the “Automations” tab in a base will now reveal several easily customizable templates that include walkthroughs to guide you through the process of creating a new automation to best suit your needs.

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