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Airtable Employee
Airtable Employee

Hello everyone, I'm a product designer at Airtable. This quarter, our team is working on a number of improvements to Timeline view based on all the feedback we've heard (much of that from the community so thanks for the great ideas!). 

We're starting with improvements to the way we render labels. Previously labels were cut off very often, whenever records were too short or just off the edge of the viewport. This meant reading data required a lot of zooming, scrolling, and hovering.

Today we're making this much easier by releasing three key updates:

  • Labels now stay on the screen as you scroll, so you can continue to read them.
  • Labels overflow, so so they're visible even when the records are very short or zoomed out.
  • Records beyond the fold are now pointed to by arrows, so you can preview and navigate to them.


Jump into one of your Timeline views today to try these updates yourself. We hope you enjoy these improvements, but please continue to share your feedback here as well as your ideas on how we can improve our products on the Community Product Ideas board. We look forward to sharing more improvements with you in the coming months.