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Any way to not send digests if Find Records returns 0 records?

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Question says it all; seems pretty clear there’s no built-in feature for it, but has anybody figured out a scripting solution or field patch to handle it in the meantime? Would prefer to not have empty emails sent out to my team.

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Don’t know if you ever found an answer. I will be trying this shortly: Found Records = 0 script

This is excellent! Unfortunately probably won’t work in my case; I have the same trigger sending off multiple digests, so an error early on might prevent actual records from being sent.

Was worth a shot. :slightly_smiling_face:

I have the same use case. This would be a great enhancement.

An alternative is to use a script to send the email to a “junk” email address if no records were found. The advantage of this is that the automation continues to run and you do not get a failed automation message.

I offer a script that helps you change the email address in this case. This script is “pay what you want”, so you can get it for free if you like. You can see a demo here.