Anybody using automated filling of external 3rd party web forms by using the data coming in Airtable

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There are a few options to fill in external forms by filling them with the data coming from Airtable. 

I mentioned earlier Selenium but it has a high learning curve and working with code.

There is another more user friendly app Katalon based on Selenium , but still requires working with code and this requires manual loading of CSV.

There is Axiom which is quite good but pricing is quite high to get Make or Zapier integration, although the lower tear works with Google Sheets.

And then there is which works via Google Sheets 

The main issue I have is how to upload attachment images from Airtable to the web form. I have pictures I want to load to a web-form and that is not easy.

Anybody doing something like this? What do you use?

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I have done some review here of these options plus 2 more options available now, capable to read data from Google Sheet (coming from Airtable). However I wasn't able to get these 2 working although they both seem to be able to fill forms from Google Sheet data: