Automate condition only if filled date record changes, not if blank date record is filled

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4 - Data Explorer

I am creating an automation that sets a single select field from empty to "Date Changed" when my date record is updated.

At the moment it works, but the automation is running when both a preexisting date is changed AND when the empty date field is first populated.

I would like to the automation to only run when the date field has a value, and the value is changed. I do not want the automation to run when the date field is empty, and then a date is added.

Is there a way to set this up using basic Airtable automations, or will this rely on a script.

Side note: the goal of this automation is eventually to send a weekly email showing all rows that had a date changed within the past week. If I am approaching this the wrong way I am also happy to pivot, but the date changed status combined with a last edited time seems like the best way to put this together.

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Community Manager
Community Manager

A quick way to do this is to create a helper field called "previous value".  Then you have a couple of choices

  • in your automation create an conditional action that requires there to be a previous value.  If there is a previous value run your automation. Add a final step to update the Previous Value to the new value.
  • create a field that compares new value and initial value, if they are different run the automation and update the initial value field to the new value at the end of your automation.