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4 - Data Explorer

Hi, I have a motivational quote table with 1000 records (3 columns). I want to create a daily quotes api where it only displays one record daily.

Is there a way to achieve this so I can access each record daily?


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Welcome to the community, @Isaac_Newton! :grinning_face_with_big_eyes: When you say that you want to create an API, are you talking about an actual API (application programming interface) that other users can call to retrieve the selected daily quote? Or are you just talking about a script that runs daily to mark a random quote in some way that will allow a filtered view to isolate it?

Airtable doesn’t have a built-in way to truly create an API, though it does have a webhook trigger for automations. However, even if that webhook-triggered runs a script to pick a random quote, that script can’t return data to the same service that called the webhook. The best you can do there would be to call another API or webhook to pass the data elsewhere.

If you just want a script to run daily and mark a random quote, that’s definitely doable.