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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

New to airtables, so hoping someone could help with an automation i am trying to make.

I have a grid containing all the purchases of products i am selling. Multiple of the same product are grouped on each line as i purchase them. However when i get a return from a customer, I want this to pull through to another table so i can properly track it. I have a tickbox column titled return. I would like it to work that when a customer returns a product, I can click the checkbox and it will pull through the product information into another grid so that all the returns are in one place. As i can have multiple returns of the same product from different customers, i would like to be able to pull through the information multiple times at the click of a button.

Hopefully the above makes sense. 

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11 - Venus
11 - Venus

Welcome, @DickyArbitrage ,

If you use automation to create records in another table, it may not be consistent with the list of orders. (by deletions, cancellations, etc.)

How about using the View's filtering feature to show only records with returns checked?

The main issue would be having repeat rows which i need. 

So for example i have my grid with all my purchases on. It will be like

  • Row 1 - Product Name - Order Qty - etc - etc
  • Row 2 - Product Name - Order Qty - etc - etc
  • Row 3- Product Name - Order Qty - etc - etc

If i get two returns of Row 1 then i would need it to appear twice on the Returns grid, so that i can track each individual return.  If i create a filter then it is my understanding that it would only appear once. I was hoping that there was a way where there was a button for each row and each time i click it for that row then it would create a new line with that products information in a separate grid.