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Automated date automations breaking when combined

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I have built two automations which work great independently, but when I use both of them in my table one errors out with a "Could not convert string to date" error.

Here's what's I've got going on:

Automation 1 looks for a Name field with no Start Date and End Date, and when it finds one, it auto-completes the next available Start date which it looks up from a rollup field (using Max values). This works fine on its own.

Automation 2 looks for a non-empty Start Date with an empty End Date and auto-fills the End date from a separate formula field. This also works fine on its own.

However, when I turn both automations on, Automation 1 runs fine, and auto-completes the next available Start Date, but the second automation fails with the error above.

I can go check the Run History of Automation 2, which gives me the failure, so I fire it off manually to test it and it finds the relevant records and fixes it perfectly.

I am guessing I may need to make Automation 2 wait a while longer before it triggers, but I don't think I can do that?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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Replying to my own thread, but I fixed the issue by adding another automation dependency on a field that was included in the calculation.