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4 - Data Explorer

We keep our org chart in Airtable. It includes who Person A reports (as a link to another record) to as well as their contact info and photo.

The automation I'm trying to set up would remove the manager that Person A reports to when the manager leaves our organization. We have a status that is "No longer employed", so I'd like the automation to be triggered by that and then remove the manager from any employees they're assigned to.

I can get to a certain point, but I keep setting it up in a way that would just update the manager record rather than the folks they manage.

TIA for the help!

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Hmm, and this is all in the same table I assume?

Community Manager
Community Manager

@kdrayton It seems like you are missing a step here.  When a manager leaves a company, the manager role needs to be replaced by a new manager.  If you are using the ORG chart extension, your org chart will break if there isn't a replacement manager (employees will be stranded off to the side).  

I would take the approach here that when a manager leaves the company, they are replaced by a new manager.  If that manager will get all the employees it is an simple find and replace automation.  If you need to move people to different managers, then you will need a more complex process.  This idea of transferring people will be needed in your app regardless of if the reason is because the previous manager left the company or not.

Yep! All in one table.

That makes sense! I'll give that a try and make sure it's doing what I need it to do.

Ah hmm...and I take it your issue is that you've got some sort of equivalent to a "Reports to" and "Manages" fields, and so your manager record has a bunch of linked records in "Manages", and the employee records have that manager in "Reports to"?

Going further, I also take it that your "Reports to" field sometimes has more than one manager in it, which causes further issues?

Not sure if you could still use help with this so let me know!