Automation : creating notification to update record's field manually

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Hello all!
In our line of work, we interview and hire candidates for our clients. Each record is a potential candidate. If we change the status from “interested” to “hired”, I would like the automation to request that the field “date hired” and “negociated salary” be updated.

Is there a way to create an automation where if a field in a specific record changes status, it triggers an “alert” to remind the user to update another field in that same record? However, the information in that field varies, therefore I cannot use the ‘update record’ automation.
Thank you for your help!!

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You could have the Automation trigger: “When record matches conditions” and set the conditions to: {Status} = "Hired" AND {Date Hired} is blank AND {Negotiated Salary} is blank

And from there have the Automation send the last person to edit the record an email to remind them to update the other fields. This would require you have a Last Modified By type field in that table.