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Automation dymanic fields not working

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I am setting up an automated email to let an external team know there is now work for them in their system. I can get the email to send based on the trigger event. My issue is with adding dynamic fields. When I click the blue plus in the message or subject line, My automation screen goes blank. Don’t get any drop downs to select fields.

Am I missing a system update or is there something else going on I need to look at?

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You aren’t seeing anything like this?


Click the “Continue >” option…


When I click a plus sign to add a field I get this.




What am I missing?

Defaults to Edge. I can try it in Chrome. Is there a preference, or a browser that is more compatible?

I do not know - I’m simply wondering if you have found a browser-related issue. My tests were in Chrome (Mac Catalina) - wondering what yours was in.

Given that you are seeing something others are not, it’s probably a good idea to loop in support with a direct support request (

Will do.

Thanks for looking into this for me.