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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hi fellow Airtable community,

I'm having some trouble with an "Airtable > Send Email" automation, specifically in displaying the right time in the dynamic fields populated via the email. I'm using Airtable's brand version of the software and I'm using the new grid of records function (see photos attached). Basically, what I want to be displayed in the data is what is actually in the view (however, the time displayed in the email is about 5 hours off, contrary to the data that is in the view). My guess is because, this is a time zone thing but I don't know how to fix this in the "grid of records" function being used.


2024-01-11 14_11_15-(18,877 unread) - - Yahoo Mail.png

2024-01-11 14_10_25-Registration _ Panama Mission Trip 2024_ Registration List _ All Participants - .png

As this is a dynamic field within airtable's software, I don't know if I can even troubleshoot this issue. Any helpful tips and tricks would be much appreciated.

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

It seems like you're experiencing some challenges with the "Airtable > Send Email" automation, particularly regarding the accurate display of time in the dynamic fields within the email. I understand the frustration, especially when the displayed time is about 5 hours off from the actual data in the view. It's possible that this discrepancy is due to a time zone issue, but fixing it within the "grid of records" function might not be straightforward. Have you considered reaching out to Airtable support for assistance with this issue?
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