Automation error "Received invalid inputs."

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4 - Data Explorer

I'm trying to create an automation that when I update a record then it also updates another record in a different table. I've watched several videos on Youtube on how to do this and it seems pretty straightforward enough.

I created the trigger, tested it and it works fine. But the Action is where I keep running into the "Received invalid inputs" error. This is mainly due to the Record ID that's causing the issue it seems. It seems I'm not alone on this issue. I searched on here for answers but it's still doesn't help. What am I missing?

Would be great if this Record ID process was simplified since Airtable doesn't show the actual Record ID itself on the tables and records.

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If the same record is always updated you could create a record ID field to grab that record ID and put it in your automation:

If not, you can add a "Find Record" step to determine which record it is you need to update dynamically: