Automation has a trigger to scheduled time & Action for find records for future

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Automation with set a trigger on a specific scheduled time is awesome and most of us are waiting for it. It’s still in Alpha but now we can sure that it’s will be fully-added in the near future.

Another thing is Action with search records it’s an awesome feature to have while playing with automation and Scripts. This is also in Alpha.


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Indeed, but with such low quota ceilings, users are unlikely to take advantage of all these new automations because they cannot tolerate them working for some unknown number of days in a month.

The very nature of automation requires us to entrust the system to do our bidding consistently and in a reliable and sustained fashion. If there is any risk of failure, these features might as well not exist for a large and growing slice of users who take their processing seriously.

7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

You don’t have to wait for Airtable to create a scheduled trigger, you can do it yourself. I use a filter that watches for a specific weekday, among other things - when my records hit the filter view, the automation runs.


Thank you Tim. I was thinking about something like this, but you wrote it for me and it works perfectly :ok_hand:

Maybe it can be useful for others. Here is mine :

  1. Create a formula field named “Need update”

  2. Create a filtered view. The filter is “Need update” = yes

  3. The field “Need update” will show “yes”, if the update is needed. In my case, I want to update on monday, wed. and friday.
    => write a formula like this :

so the “yes” is shown on those days and is not on tuesday, thursday… and it changes everyday. So it can enter, get out, then enter again in the view, in order to launch the automation.