Automation inviting people to update their Airtable records

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Hi everyone! I’m looking for advice on designing a specific type of automation. I have a database that contains records of companies that are fundraising, and I want to set up an automation to send them a copy of their record 4 months after they join the database and invites them to update their record. I’d like to send two follow-up reminder emails to only companies that don’t respond to the first reminder email. After the reminder emails I’d like to set it up to delete their record if they don’t respond (so I think the trigger for deletion could be if their record isn’t updated after X months.)

This is a related automation with I think lower complexity: I have two databases for members of a particular community and I’d like to send them a copy of their records after one year and invite them to respond to the email with any updates (which I’ll then make manually).

Does anyone have any ideas or insights on how to set this up? I’ve been playing around with both Airtable Automations and Zapier and it looks like they both have some limitations. I’d welcome any thoughts - thank you!

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Hmm, you could probably do this by having a formula field that checks whether it’s been 4 months since they joined (maybe via the created time of the record?), and having an automation that will trigger off of that field to send the company an email

I’d send them an email with all of their record’s data, as well as a prefilled form URL so that they could make changes easily and submit it

Unfortunately, the only way you can delete records via an automation is with a script, so you’d need a Pro plan. I usually just end up giving records like these a status like “Delete” and then filtering them out or something

Happy to brainstorm / prototype this further