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Automation only picking up "date before today" when it is one day ago

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I set up an automation several days ago, which uses the “is before - today” condition to pick up any record which has a due date that has passed (along with a couple of other conditions), and then send a reminder email and update the “reminder last sent date”. However it appears the automation is only picking up records which have a due date yesterday, but nothing prior. Any suggestions on how to resolve this, or is it a known issue?

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Which trigger are you using, and when were the conditions of the trigger met?

If you are using the new record in view or record meets conditions trigger, the automation will not fire for records that were already in the view or records that already met the condition before the automation was turned on. The only exception is for the test record.

The workaround is to take the records out of the view while the automation is off. Then turn on the automation. Then put the record back in the view.

Hi @kuovonne, thanks for your reply. I am using the trigger “When a record matches conditions - This trigger will fire when a record in the chosen table starts matching the provided conditions”. So I thought this automation would be related to the table, not the view. However that makes sense - I will try turning the automation off, changing the view conditions so the records are removed, then turn automation back on and re-add records to view. Will let you know how it goes.

If you are using the when record matches conditions trigger, then you need to make the record not match the conditions until after the automation is turned on.

The text about taking the record out of the view was for the new record in view trigger. The record matches conditions trigger acts like a view filter so I tend to think of them similarly.

Thanks for clarifying @kuovonne. In that case, I will probably change it to the “new record in a view” trigger so I don’t have to change the record values just so the automation works.