Automation Rule Trigger 'When Record is Updated' not Working when using CSV Import App

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I set up an automation rule to get a message sent to slack every time a certain record is updated. I use the CSV import app to update this same record weekly and the slack message doesn’t seem to be triggered when the record is updated through the CSV import app. However, it works when I update it manually. Anybody faced this before and knows how to fix it?

In the screenshot: the record has been updated properly but the message was not triggered. Screenshot 2021-03-29 at 14.54.03

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I would report this as a bug to, and please report back here with what they say.

I sent them an email and will share the answer here. Although I am now wondering if having any filter on can compromise the triggering? as when I tried manually I deleted the filter in place before

It depends on if you chose an optional view for your update trigger.

If so, the record would need to disappear and then reappear from that view in order to trigger the automation.

The “view” option is optional, so you could remove that altogether to trigger your automation for all records that get updated in your base, not just those that disappear & then reappear from the view.