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Automation - send email to multiple email addresses entered manually

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Hi there,
I want an automation to email multiple (3) email addresses (entered manually as text) when a certain thing happens (a tickbox is checked on an entry). I separated the emails by commas, but it seems to only send to the first email address. I’ve tried separating with commas and spacebars, and also semi colons. Any suggestions?

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HI @Caitlin_Hultgren ,

Sounds bit weird indeed, the comma should work. You are using the regular “Email” email? It works like this just fine:

Maybe there can be some typo somewhere?

Thanks for your reply! Good to know that it is working for you in that way, and thank you for including the example.
I didn’t want to publish those people’s email addresses but I have included a screenshot here of what I think is the exact same set up as yours, in case anyone has any other ideas or can see any issues? I have triple checked for typos.



a) If you remove the Lable “Notify Associate Producers” - you should see emails there separated by commas and word “and”. It can see the emails there, that would mean the emails are parsed properly.

b) Have you tested it with sending emails to 2 emails you own yourself? Just to exclude possibility that people are not seeing email or getting it in Promotion folder.

Hi Greg, thank you for the tip about removing the label - this was a good check!
Tried a and b to no avail, as well as checking with our IT department that the messages weren’t getting caught in quarantine.
However we seem to have had something very basic resolve this issue - the age old turn the automation off and then on again. Someone else in the team tried this and it worked after that, so I’m leaving it alone now! Thanks very much for your time on this, and hopefully this helps someone else in future.