Automation sending multiple emails off empty records to the same user

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4 - Data Explorer


Im trying to work out a fix for an issue where the automation is searching for empty records of a column and emailing the relevant editor. The issue that comes into play is that it will find say 3 records of one author and add their email in 3 times instead of just once ? Im not certain that I may need another logic step added in?    

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You could set up the email step as a repeating action. It'll mean the relevant editor gets multiple emails, but it'll run the step just once for each record.

Another option would be to run the automation starting from the email. Searching for empty fields that ALSO have the editor's email. This one is only dependant on how the rest of your base and steps are set up.

6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Hi Alex. I'm not sure how timely these emails need to be but you could schedule the automation instead. So every day at say 7am, it checks all the records for empty cells and then sends each author a summary of the empty cells they need to check in a single email.