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5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hello all!

I’ve got a conundrum. The company I work for is very large, and it’s not feasible for us (financially speaking) to give all the retail employees accounts so they can access the Airtable base. (we’re using Airtable as a product database for use on the sales floor.) (currently it’s only in a testing phase at one of our stores).
Anyways, I’ve worked around that by providing them with a publicly shared link. however this obviously does not allow them to change any records, and this is where my problem begins. I have a formula that runs by selecting a single item from a linked record, and comparing that selected item against the rest of the database. However because they don’t have accounts, they can’t change the selected item for (lets call the formula, “recommendation system”). I have figured out a workaround for the access part by using a form link and setting that to open by activating a button. I had to make this on a separate table because after a form submission, it creates a new record, which would mess up my formula if integrated into the first table.
(Table A - Recommendation System)
(Table B - Form submission workaround)

So I am trying to figure out if there is a way to make an automation or formula, that would update the item needing to be compared in table A, after a new record is created from the form submission in table B


looking for assistance in building a automation or formula that take identical data from one table and input that data into a second table.

(Because Airtable is still “under consideration” at my company, i.e. not fully integrated, I don’t have any project funding for something like miniextensions, which would solve my problem immediately).

Any help would be most appreciated!

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So long as the "Find records" action only returns one record matching the search condition, you can create a simple no-script Automation that will take form data from Table B, check for a match in Table A (via the Find Records action), and then update that matched record with the form data.


If multiple matches are found, this is where you'll need to employ some scripting to handle the array of records. Perhaps you'll need to simply match the first record (and delete the others?)