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Automation to update multiple records (that meet certain conditions)

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I’d greatly appreciate your help on the following automation/script.

I have updated a record’s status from “Available” to “Booked”. Now I want to update all records status to “Booked” for records that belong to the same bundle in the same calendar week (which is a linked field to my table)

Here my example:
If I change the status of any record, all other records - which have the same Option & CW value (column 3) should also change their status to “Booked”

Bildschirmfoto 2022-11-16 um 00.09.26

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Is it possible to re-evaluate your base structure so that the Status field lives on the Bundle record, and the Status field you are showing in the screenshot is simply a Lookup? That way all the bundle sub-records stay in sync without needing an Automation or Script.