Automation - Update Records: Updating more than just 1 record to a synced field

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hi, I have an organizations table and a contacts table.

Every time a contact gets updated with different organization name under the contacts table - I need the organizations table to update its synced field with the contacts name, but i need the automation to update the organization table with more than 1 contact record in the synced field, Is this possible?

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Yes, absolutely. I might have time this evening to post an example of how you might approach this with an Automation script - would you be able to post screenshots that show your two tables, their linked fields and some of their sample data? And even a mock-up of the desired results is helpful too.

Hi Karlstens, thanks so much for your response. 

Here is a link to the project I'm testing on: 

I don't think the "update action" in automations would give what I'm looking for, I'm looking into scripting but this may be a little too advanced for me. 

I'm using a zap to create or update records from our Infusionsoft database to the contacts table ,every few days or so the zap triggers.  I need the organizations table find any new or updated contact records on the contacts table and add their contact name to the the "Contact(B)" field where it would sync other fields to the organization table. 

The other caveat is if a contact record in the contacts table switches companies(organization) because of wrong initial data, I'm not sure if it would remove them off the organization table record that they were previously in - I'm thinking its just going to add them to the new organization record on the organization table but wont remove them off the previous organization record.

Any thoughts? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!