Automation (w/Update Record trigger) will *not * launch if the data is submitted using the Airtable Form [REPOST]

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The Automations do run without any issue when I enter the data directly in Airtable. However, I found out, they do not run if the data is submitted via Airtable Form.

I am not sure why they decided to behave this way. If the data is entered, I would expect the automations behave same way, regardless how the data was entered.

In my case my Automations have trigger to run when a field of a record is updated. That works well for both entering new data or updating existing data.

So I guess I will need to create another copy of my existing automations and set the trigger to run when a new form is submitted??

I guess I have to use the form trigger. Just find it unnecessary.

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You have run into one of Airtable’s quirks.

When you create a record and enter data in the user interface, the record is created with empty values, so your data entry is considered an update to the record.

However, when you create a record with a form, the record is created with the values from the form, and there is no “update” to the values. Thus, the “record updated” automation is not triggered.

Having another copy of the automation to run when the new form is submitted is one possible way of dealing with the situation. Another possibility is looking for a “when record meets conditions” that fits both situations.

So there is now a way to schedule the run of Automations and that’s another way to get this