Re: Automations stopped working after dropping to Free-plan

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

I've been testing out Airtable before going into full use at our company and while we are planning to more to Pro, the automations suddenly stopped working even though according to pricing plans there should be no limit that impacts us.

An example of an automation that suddenly stopped working is one that auto-fills an order status for a new order when it is created. It checks the status field and if it is empty, it fills the field with a default value (Not started).

Suddenly one day the automation stopped working even though there has been no changes to the automation or the table it relates to.

When testing the automation everything works, but in Run history it says evaluating the condition failed. I've noticed that Airtable has updated the Automation form - previously there was a section for actions and a separate track for conditional actions. Has this broken all the automations?








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Not sure what the cause is, but you can always send an email to for troubleshooting.