Re: Automator Record Update failed: error: received invalid inputs.

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4 - Data Explorer


I wrote a simple script to calculate the unmet needs of a particular product based on the status of orders.

And the script has successfully found the result: Sum 7


Then I ask airtable to update the corresponding record field "Amount in Need," which is a "number(int)" .

As you can see, the system found the correct record, yet it threw an error: received invalid inputs.

This is confusing.

What did I do wrong?

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Hey @john-lok!

What value are you passing into the Record ID for the automation to update?
Your screenshot just barely cut it off.

Take a look and ensure you're passing it the correct variable or value.
Issues with the record ID are my main culprit when an automation throws me this error.

I’m passing a number 7 to a number field “Amount in need”.

That’s why it surprised me

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I‘m still stuck here. Any help?

Hi John! To echo Ben on this, based on what I can glean from the screenshot of your action step, it looks like you’re using a linked record to reference text within the box reserved for Record ID. The record ID is a unique hash that is assigned on the backend, and it must reference the IDs of the records you’re intending to update.