Can I use SendGrid in an Automation?

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Hi there!

We have a base that uses the SendGrid app for sending emails. We have a need for using SendGrid in automations instead so that our users don’t have to manually send emails daily.

Is it possible to use the SendGrid APi in an Airtable Automation? I haven’t found any examples. It looks like Airtable scripting natively supports React, while the SendGrid API is Node – so I’m not sure it’s possible.


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There’s isn’t a built-in integration with SendGrid on Automations but you can call the SendGrid API with a script within an automation. So, the trigger is “when record created”, “when record updated” (or others) and the actions is “Run script”. The script can directly call the SendGrid API, passing relevant data from the record.

The script component within Airtable is written in vanilla JavaScript and the SendGrid API is just a REST-style API, so doesn’t care about the app (or the language of the app) sending API calls to it.

So definitely possible - just needs a bit of script wrangling.

Welcome to the community, @Erin_Ettenger1!

@JonathanBowen is one of our top scripting experts here, and I’m assuming (but don’t know for sure) that he may be available for hire to help you write a script to achieve what you’re looking to do.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for some low-code ways to automate the sending of your emails with the SendGrid API, you could turn to a low-code automation platform like Integromat, and use their built-in SendGrid API integrations in conjunction with their Airtable integrations:

I happen to be an Integromat Expert+ Partner, so if you need help with this, I am also available for hire at my website

You also could take a look at the DataFetcher App, which lets you connect to external APIs from within Airtable:

Hope this helps!

Following on from this, I wrote a post that shows how to do a basic email send via SendGrid using the Airtable scripting app:

This could also be used in an Airtable automation.