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Can't create a calendar event from dates: < can't parse datetime: "" >

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Hey folks,
I can’t create an event based on dates in my table. I need to create an event based on formula born date-times, and that didn’t work; but even now testing with normal date columns (with hardcoded values) didn’t work as well.
It encounters an error:
Unable to parse datetime: “”
But there is definitely data in those columns.
Here is an illustration.


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This may be completely irrelevant to your actual problem, but I couldn’t help but notice that the start time and end time you are trying to create this event with are identical. An event with no timespan presents problems of its own, even if it’s not the actual source of your error. Would you mind shifting your end time to a later date/time in this example you’ve screenshotted, run it all again, and see if the error message changes at all?

Yep sure! unfortunately it’s still the same (I tested it with different times at first of course, this was just as I was changing values for testing)


SOLVED (somehow?!) Creating a new automation with the same parameters exactly succeeded.
I’ve seen this in a similar issue ticket where they recommended to do that. Sounds like a bug with the calendar integration automation. Anyways, it worked now with these exact parameters, and even with the formulated dates :slightly_smiling_face:

Now my only problem is that I’d need a recurring event; but seems like that’s not supported. I’ll check out google forms for that. In any case good to see that the previous worked with individual events.


Yup. There’s definitely a bug. I deleted the old automation and rebuilt it exactly, which solves it. Thanks @Tomer_Eldor !