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4 - Data Explorer

I use Airtable for content marketing. One article = One card in the kanban view.

Cards have a field called “QA” which is linked to the “people” record.

A QA person is set manually when the article is started.

But the QA person changes when the article is put into our CRM system, to do technical checks on it.

Therefore I’m trying to automate this in the kanban view:

“When any card is moved to a certain stack (Called CRM QA), change the name in the QA field to the technical QA person.”

The technical QA person is currently always the same, so it just needs to change to one specific name.

Is that possible?

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Hi Sven,
Yes you can do this with an Automation. Set the trigger to “When Record Matches Condition” set the condition to the Kanban field.
Then add an action to update the record to set the name of the QA person.