Change in behavior in email sending from automation actions.

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Good morning.

We are experiencing issues with email sending from automations. We have detected a change in behavior with email dispatches when several emails are entered in the "TO", "CC", "BCC" fields.

When the action is triggered, it appears that Airtable sends multiple independent emails instead of a single email. For example: If "Email_1" is entered in "TO" and "Email_2" in "BCC", then "Email_1" receives the message, but "Email_2" does not receive a copy. Instead, "Email_2" receives a direct email, as if "Email_2" had been set up as "TO".
The expected behavior would be: "Email_2" receives the same message that was sent to "Email_1".

We have observed this change in behavior today, 2024-03-07.

##### Message edited to detail the case ####.

To detail our case I have conducted a simple test, easy to replicate; creating a basic automation where I have only added a time-based trigger and the action Send an email, which I tested to trigger the action. 
I have set up the email sending action as shown in the image below. I used temporary emails to avoid exposing sensitive information.



 Informing an email in the "TO" field ( and an email in the "BCC" field ( 

The expected behavior is: 
The observed behaviour is:
  • The email received by the BCC recipient ( does not have the TO field filled with the email (, meaning that a blind carbon copy is not being sent correctly. Instead, the message received by ( has the TO field filled with its own email, as you can see in the screenshot below (message received by TO on the left, and received by BCC on the right)


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Wow, great catch! Major bug.

I am seeing the exact same problem on my end.

Be sure to report this as a bug to

In the meantime, you can workaround this problem by using the “Send Gmail” automation action, or by using Make’s automations & integrations, which works with any email provider on the planet.

Here’s how to instantly trigger a Make automation from Airtable:

Hello @ScottWorld .

Thank you for your response yesterday, and for your suggestions on possible workarounds. Sorry for not responding at the time.

We have already contacted support and hope that with the information provided, they can verify and correct the problem in the coming days. I have also updated my first post with the detail of a simple test that I hope can help the community to identify and report these issues.

Thank you very much for everything.