Create new Webflow CMS items from Airtable using Make (Integromat)

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hello ‌👋

We are trying to publish new blog post articles from Airtable to Webflow using Make (Integromat).

The table for the new articles is set up identically for the fields in the Webflow CMS collection. There are quite a few fields to map, some of which are single-select and multi-select fields. (Example below)

These single-select and multi-select fields are Webflow collections for category and topic tags used in the articles and are multi-reference fields in the Webflow CMS. The single-select and multi-select items are set up in the same base as separate tables to the articles table. The articles table uses a link to another record field to add these to the article record.

We have added the Collection ID and Item ID in each linked record table. This is not essential at this stage, but adding new items to these linked records/collections from Airtable may be necessary. We suspect this will require a different Make Scenario to add these to the respective collections and cannot be achieved in the same workflow.

The images below show how we have set up a Make Scenario set up with an Airtable module to "Watch Records" on the articles table, with the trigger being on the Last Modified/Updated On field, the label is set on Name, and the view is set on Published. We are trying to catch the single-select and multi-select fields using Iterator, Search Records, and Array Aggregator modules. We have also shown the error codes we are getting and suspect we have not correctly set up the Iterator/Array modules.

Does anybody have a solution to this conundrum? ‌🙂

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Wow, you've put a lot of work into this and have made great progress so far.  Doing this with Make is not easy.  Kudos.

That being said, you're not out of the woods yet.  How will you handle updates in the future?

There are better solutions than Make that are specifically made for this use case.  For example, PowerImporter will create new CMS items from your Airtable and automatically update them when they change in Airta... It will take care of everything for you.  It even keeps track of all the reference/multi-reference fields.