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Hello All,

I am pretty new to Airtable and trying to build a no-code app for my personal use, Its a peer to peer lending app where I give loans to users and I need to be reminded about all upcoming payments with dates on a recurring basis

I have 3 tables in my base

  1. Contacts
  2. Loans
  3. Transactions

In Loans, I have the data of which contact got how much loan, what’s the interest, borrowed date like below

Screenshot 2021-10-09 at 1.54.12 PM

What I want is to create an automation that will generate a new record in the transaction table for all the pending dates


Name - John
Loan Amount - 100,000
Interest - 1.5%
Payment type - Monthly
Amount - 1500
Borrowed date - 01.01.2021
Loan status - active

In transaction table I want the records to be generated as

Name Payment date Payment Amount
John 01.02.2021 1500
John 01.03.2021 1500
John 01.04.2021 1500
John 01.05.2021 1500
John 01.06.2021 1500
John 01.07.2021 1500
John 01.08.2021 1500
John 01.09.2021 1500
John 01.10.2021 1500

This automation should generate a new record every month in the transaction table until loan status is closed for every active loan in loan table

Please help on how can we achieve it.

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Welcome to the Airtable community!

If you want an automation that creates a new record once a month as long as the loan status is active, that can be done with no code. You may need to create some extra formula fields to determine when to run the automation and what the payment due date should be.

Note that using the “find records” action to find active loans that need new transaction records will not work as you expect.