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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer


I have a sales team that inserts every sale into a DB on to Air Table

I would like 2 do an automation that sends me a daily report with

1 - Sales on current month (how much)

2 - Sales on current month (how many) 

3 - Sales on current week (how much)

4 - Sales on current week (how many) 

Maybe make it in 4 different emails and get those numers in the subjet like "Daily Report - Monthly Sales = R$ 1000 / 10 sales" and "Daily Report - Weekly Sales = R$ 500/ 5 sales"

Is there a way?

The field names are 

"Pagamento 1" for date 

"Valor Total Projeto" for amount of money of each sale

Thanks in advance =D




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Yeap, try creating an automation that:
1. Triggers daily
2. Finds the records that were created this month
3. Sends that as an email
4. Finds the records that were created this week
5. Sends that as an email


Here's a guide on how to do that

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

How do i do the "2" point where I can get the final value?
I tried and dind't get anywhere

Which step in the guide did you get stuck on? 


Im sticked in getting the values.

Initially I need to create the query for the time frame. 

This week (not last 7 days) 

This month (not last 30 days) 

Then, from those 2 time frames I need the sum of the values (not quantity) in the "valor projeto total" field

Once I can get those values, (money weekly and money monthly) I assume the rest is intuitive. 


Thanks for the reply! 

Ah, so you don't want the records that were created in those time frames sent to you as a report.  What you want is a specific field from those records added together and then sent to you, is that right?

If so, the guide I linked above won't help, sorry.  To do what you're looking for, I think you'll need to create a new table called "Summary" or something and link all of your sales records to a single record created in that new table

In that new table, you would then create a conditional rollup field with the formula `SUM(values)` that would sum up your sales for whatever time period you want, and you would have one field per time period