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Date/time field shows wrong time in Automation

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Recently, we found that Date field has "Time Zone" option. Therefore, we set the time zone as "Asia/Seoul" of the date field and we got rid of another converted time field since it is not necessary any more. 

However, the problem occurs when we send an automated email using this date field. 

  • In the Airtable field, we put this value: 2023-01-10 10:00 KST
  • When we send an automation, the mail shows this: 2023-01-10 01:00 UTC

Do we need to make another field which has the converted time to show correct time in Automation, or is there a way to show a correct time in Automation with the specified time zone in the field?

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What Automation trigger are you using that triggers the event of sending an email, and how is it configured?

Thanks. Here are the brief of my Automation (Review of today's training events):

1. Automation trigger: At a scheduled time (every week) 

2. Action 1: Find records 
where start_date is on or before today and end_date is on or after today

3. Action 2: Send an email

I attached screenshots of the field setting, and automation settings. Please help.