Email Crosscheck between 2 tables

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4 - Data Explorer

Hello the Best Community Ever!!
Could you help me on my issue, please. Seems to be easy, but I spent hours on it without finding convenient solution.
I use Zappier to collect some Client payment information from Payment tool to my Airtable. All the data collected arrive in my “Table1”. I have another Table, called “Table2”, with all general comments on my Clients. My need, is to check the “email” from my new record created in Table1 with the Client data base in my table2 to see if the Client is already in my Table1 or not. If not, I would like to add in Table2 the new email from Table1 and if yes, do nothing.
I try to create an automation with “new record created” + “Find records” +“create records”, but when I test it, it works… but when I run it, it fails at “Find records” step.
I don’t know if the automation is the right tool…
Could you help me, please?

Thanks a lot for your help!!!

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