Error when copying new record to another table with >1 linked field entries

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5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hey there, I have a setup where you submit a form in one table, which includes a linked field to a products table, where the users can add one or more selections (in this case, the products they’re associated with). An automation copies the new entry, if a particular other field was filled out, to another table that also has a linked field to that same products table. What’s weird is that it works fine if the user only chooses one product in the form, but with more than one it throws an error “Field “Product” cannot accept the provided value: Cannot modify a computed field.”

What’s also strange is I don’t actually have a field or table named “Product” - they’re all “Products” - thoughts are appreciated!

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Hi @Anthony_Fransella

The reason is exactly what you stated, when there are multiple fields they are converted to a comma separated string which looks like this


while Airtable expects only 1 product and it cannot create a new product called Product1,Product2,Product3 because it appears to be a formula field in Products table.

They way to automate this is to use Looping by Zapier so you can update all 3 product records and not just 1 product.

I see, that makes sense (although why Airtable is doing it that way is confusing since I can copy/paste the fields fine!). Time to see what we’d need to onboard Zapier I guess. Much appreciated!