Gmail Send Email not consistently populating table values

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4 - Data Explorer

I have an automation set up upon a record entering a view which will find all services for a given customer and send a Gmail message with a balance due.

The problem I’m experiencing is certain table values either won’t appear in the preview, or they do appear in the preview but not in the sent email message. First, I have a “total balance” rollup at the customer table and I’m including this in the Gmail message. While testing yesterday, it would neither appear in my preview nor test email sends, but as of today it is still not showing in the preview but it is appearing in the test email sends.

Additionally, I’m displaying the services linked to this customer in a grid. Yesterday these were displaying in both the preview and test sends. Today, they are displaying in the preview but not the email. I haven’t changed anything with the data - why am I getting such inconsistent results here?

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Hi @smm,
I personally have not encountered this issue. The only thing I can think of is the FIND action only returns 100 results. Is it possible that the FIND is getting more than 100 results and your expected result is past 100?

This is a test base, and the table only contains two records. I think I figured out why the FIND stopped appearing - I forgot that I added a second record, and the way I configured the FIND was only working with one record in that table.

However, I have no explanation for why the missing rollup “Total Balance” was not appearing. Although it does appear now, without knowing why it wasn’t previously makes me a little uneasy to provide this feature to my customers.