Re: Having issue with dynamic fields and "scheduled time" trigger

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

I have a super basic table including manager names, email, and a link to their department report form. I want to create an automation that sends out the link to their specific form at a scheduled time every 2 weeks. Setting up “at scheduled time” trigger went as expected however when I start working on the action configuration I encountered a weird issue. The only items I can choose from when I click the blue plus sign to add a dynamic field are shown in this screenshot.


As an experiment, I changed the trigger type to “when a record matches conditions” and I am able to access my desired field types for configuring my action step.

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Hi @Dustin_Good,
Since your trigger is time based and not record based there will not be a table/record to choose from. You will need to add a FIND action to locate the records you wish to draw data from.