How can I run a script that converts a plain text field to JSON data type and copy it to clipboard?

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4 - Data Explorer

The title pretty much says it. I’m thinking this would be simple for someone who knows JS, but I don’t. So I’m hoping someone can help me create this button. I’m trying to do this with a button field type and the scripting extension. I have a column where I put the JSON in plain text and I want to convert it to application/JSON and then copy it to clipboard. All with the same button. If you’re curious, I’m doing this so that I can store my webflow components, So I can have easy access when I want to reuse one.


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Welcome to the Airtable community!

Scripting does not have access to the window object, so it cannot place things in the clipboard.

That sucks. Especially because a copy to clipboard button would be such a useful thing for airtable!