How to create a "claim job" workflow in airtable?

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4 - Data Explorer

Hello, I am looking for a way to create a workflow where when a new job(task) is created, it will send an email to a group of people who are qualified to do the job, and then the first person to accept that job will be the one assigned to it. Can you guys please help me think of a way to do this?

I imagine it would kind of be like doordash where a job is sent out to someone and they can accept it or decline it, and then another workflow could happen where it will send them an email if they accepted the job in time or if they did not. 

Please let me know your thought! 



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Hmm, yeah you'd have an automation that would email everyone when the task was created, and in the email would be a link to a form

That form would have:
 - Text field for users to say who they are
 - Linked field to select the job

The linked field would be restricted to a view which would only the new job (filtering by linked field to the form table being empty would probably work here)

You'd have an automation that would link the form submission to the task with some kind of unique ID, maybe email

You'd then need formula and lookup fields to help you retrieve the email of the person who got the job and the emails of all the people who didn't, and an automation that would trigger when the task gets linked to a form submission that would then email the person who got the job as well as everyone who didn't