Re: How to get automations to trigger on imported records (via copy and paste) one at a time

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5 - Automation Enthusiast

Issue: I have an automation I want to run one at a time on newly imported Contact records that are imported (multiple at a time) via copy and paste.

This automation works when if I trigger it with one new record (I’m just duplicating an existing record to check), but fails if I paste in 4 new records (copy and paste).

Here’s the setup:
I have an Organization Table that has a URL website field and a Contacts table with an Email field. I have formula fields on both tables that extract the email domain from the Email (Contacts Table) and the probable email/website domain from the website (Organization field).

I have an automation that triggers when a new contact record matches conditions — basically when it’s created today, the Contact email line isn’t empty and the single select Import Tag field is not empty (to discern between importing contact records and existing ones).

The automation has a Find records step that looks for a match between the email domain from the new Contact record and the email/website domain suggested by the Organization table and then an Update Record step that links the Contact record to the Organization if there is a match.

Can anyone please help me figure out what the problem is, or develop a workaround so that someone could copy and paste in (from a different spreadsheet) like 30 contacts and this automation would run?

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I can’t think of a workaround because that’s how you want it to work is how its supposed to work: it should already run 30 times if you import 30 new records.

Can you post a spreadsheet of your set up?