How to mirror ALL records from one tab to another rather than just new records?

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5 - Automation Enthusiast

I created an automation that triggers when any record is added to table A it automatically creates the same record in table B (within the same base). I’d like it to copy all the records already in that table so that the number of records in table A is always equal to the number of records in table B. It only copies NEW records though.

Is that possible?

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Can you not just copy and paste?

Yea, I’ve done that but as I update table A it doesn’t update table B and that’s kind of a hassle when I have multiple tabs that should be updated to mirror records from the main table.

A partial solution I’ve found is to use linked records so when I want to add something to the main base I do so through a secondary base through a linked record. The problem is that doesn’t create the same records on other linked bases.

Are you trying to sync records across tables or bases? if you are trying to sync across bases then the use Sync feature

Are you certain you need multiple tables to be identical to a single table? That sounds like a use case for multiple Views of a single table.