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How to pull data from other tables based on if it matches a record in another table?

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Hi everyone,


I have a record called “projects copy” (its just a duplicate name) and I’m pulling projects which are linked to a member’s memberstack ID. I also have a table called “members”


The members table also contains this memberstack ID.

I would like to automatically update the “projects copy” table in other columns with the information from the “members” table, so that I can bring in their profile information, like picture, slug, username, email, etc.

How can I do this?!

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Instead of copying the values of several fields from one table to another, you should link records in the [Projects copy] table to records in the [Members] table.

FYI: Since it seems you’re going to have several projects per member, the {Memberstack ID} should not be the primary field in your [Projects] table. You will almost certainly benefit from making the primary field list the actual name of the project.

If you’re deadset on using {slug} as the primary field in the [Members] table as opposed to the {Memberstack ID} field, you could set up an Automation to do the following:

  1. Trigger when a [Projects] table record’s {Memberstack ID} field is updated
  2. Include a Find records action step that searches for [Members] table record where the {Memberstack ID} field matches the value for the trigger record from [Projects] table. If more than one, or less than one record is found you may run into issues with the following steps.
  3. Include a Update record action step that updates the trigger record from the [Projects] table by inserting the of the record id found in that^ step into a LinkToAnotherField-type field connecting to the [Members] table.
  4. Convert all your {Picture}, {Slug}, etc. fields into Lookup fields so they can automatically pull information from the linked [Member] record.