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How to send airtable updates to your personal slack?

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How can you send airtable updates to someone’s personal slack, pinging them instantly when they’ve been added as a collaborator. So far, all updates will be sent to a channel but not individual slacks.

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Welcome to the community, @Jenny_Simon!

Are you referring to sending someone a direct message in Slack? As far as I know, Airtable doesn’t support sending direct messages in Slack. I believe that Airtable only supports sending messages to Slack channels.

I’m sure that a custom JavaScript can be written for these purposes. However, for a no-code approach to this, you can easily send direct messages from Airtable to Slack by using Integromat’s Slack automations:

Integromat has 100% full support for Slack — scroll down to the bottom of this page to see all the parts of Slack that are supported:

I am a professional Airtable consultant and a Registered Integromat Partner, and the Integromat links contain my personal referral code.

If you have a budget for your project and need to hire an expert to set this up for you, feel free to contact me through my website at