How to send an automation when a new record matches the date of an existing record?

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5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hi all,

I have a base set up as a room reservation form for my company to book spaces for meetings. Is there a way to set up an automation to email if a record is created that has a start/end time within a record that already has been created? We are trying to avoid double booking rooms and would like to send an email warning the person who has submitted the form that there is already a reservation for the space!


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yes, use ‘When form submitted’ - ‘Find records’ , set conditions:

if needed, you can move slider right and choose Dynamic to use data from form



then check length to know


and set conditional action


Thanks for this! I’m still a bit lost, How do I match the new record to existing records with the same date and space? When I try to set my conditions to find by start date there is no option for “already exists”. I need to find records that match date, a single select of “floor”, and then a multi select of “spaces” that are conditional by floor. I would totally settle for just date and floor though!