How to send email to an entire coloumn on another sheet if some conditions met via zapier or make?

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How to send individual emails to an entire column on another sheet if some conditions are met via Zapier or Make?

I want to match requests with my vendor’s location and only send emails to people who match with the requested country.

I have two sheets

  1. Lead form requests
  2. Vendors with their info

When Lead submits a form, it is transferred to the airtable Lead requests table.
When a new request is submitted, I want to match their location with my vendors and only send emails to those vendors on the Vendors table. Via any platform.

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Welcome to Airtable Community !

This can be done very easily.

I would however make sure the country is not a single text field, i.e.: they cannot change the capitalization.

Second, using Zapier newly added Line Items support you can search for the country in the vendors table and send emails using Loop in Zapier.

Thanks for the reply.

Currently I am doing this but don’t know how to filter by country.

You can use the Search Records and input something like that in the formula

Screen Shot 2022-08-23 at 4.29.33 PM

@ScottWorld would be much better at this though as he works more with I use usually


For your “Search Records” step, you would just use a normal Airtable formula, but be sure to insert the value from the first module in quotation marks to compare to your Airtable field. Something like this:

{Your Country Field}="🟦🟦🟦"

Replace the blue boxes with your desired value from the first module.

Hey Scott!

Thanks for the reply.
I am getting an error= The operation failed with an error. The formula for filtering records is invalid: Invalid formula. Please check your formula text.

This is the requests:

This is the Vendor airtable:

and lastly, this is the search formula:

Any input is appreciated

You need to put {curly brackets} around your field name, not (parentheses).

Tried that as well =(

Post a screenshot of the error you’re getting.