How to set up notifications when a new record comes in that has matching fields to another record

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4 - Data Explorer

Hi, we manage Airbnbs. We want to create a warning system that alerts us if a new booking comes in that matches the name, email or phone number of a previous guest that has caused issues in the past.

When a previous guest has caused an issue, we flag them as High Alert on Airtable.

This puts them into a View called “Guest Warning”.

We want to build an automation that sends us a message or email when a booking comes in that matches the name, number or email of any records (guests) in the “Guest Warning” view.

How do we do this?



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I would use an automation that triggers on a new record, then uses a lookup action to dynamically search for records where name, email and/or phone number are the same and then sends you an email with the necessary data.