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4 - Data Explorer

Hubspot Airtable Workflow Integration automation only allows to update 10 fields of table, is there is any way to increase it

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Welcome to the community, @Habeebu_Rahman!

You would have to manually craft your own HubSpot Airtable integration.

One way that you can do this is by using an external automation tool like Integromat:

Heya @Habeebu_Rahman , Michaela from Integromat here, welcome to this helpful and supportive community :wave:

Just like @ScottWorld is suggesting, Integromat sure is a way to go here. I’m not really stepping in to give you the same answer, though :grinning_face_with_sweat:

I just wanted to add the link to the :arrow_right: Airtable integration on Integromat so that you can check it out and see its available features (i.e. triggers, actions, and pre-made templates).

Anyway, to test Integromat out, you can simply sign up for a free account and start exploring the automation magic :nerd_face: