I can't create a google calendar event base in the row selected timestamp

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4 - Data Explorer

I can’t create a google calendar event base in the row selected timestamp, i have the google calendar account connected, but in the automation i insert the date base on my record date field and generates an error in the run test.
it’s posible to crate a google calendar event base on my records date field?.

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Can you post a screenshot of your automation setup?

Hi, this is my setup,
In the setup i choose the date-time field of my record but the test keeps failing


Is your FECHA CITA field a date/time field or just a date field?
Are you using FECHA CITA as both the start and end date?
Are you selecting the “All Day Event” check box?

If the event is not an all day event, both the start and end must include a time, and they should be different from each other.

Yes my “FECHA CITA” is a date-time field.
Im using it for start and end date.
I’m not using “all day event” … and if i want to use it, I would need to have two date-time fields?.

There is a way to create the event with only one date-time field or only one date field?.

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7 - App Architect

I am not sure, but is it possible to use exact same date/time field as start and end date? That kinda sound like it could be a problem because your event would have same start and end time which could be the problem.
Maybe someone with more experience using google calendar integration can help out. I cant test this myself at the moment to confirm.